Driver Monitoring System

Driver Monitoring System

Core Functions

  • Fatigue detection

    Eye condition detection

  • Attention detection

    head posture

  • Bad behavior detection

    Yawn + smoking + call

  • Expression recognition

  • Live detection

  • Sight tracking

Driver identification

The system uses deep learning neural network vision technology and embedded face recognition algorithm to achieve 0.1S to quickly identify the driver identity. The recognition accuracy of up to 99%!

  • 0.1S quickly identifies the driver's identity

  • Recognition accuracy is up to 99%

Reliable operation in real complex environment

The system can maintain the robustness and high precision of face detection in extremely complex environments, such as wearing sunglasses, strong light, side light, backlighting, night, facial occlusion, excessive head deflection, etc.

  • sunglasses

  • glare

  • Driving at night

  • Side light

broad market prospect with automobile intelligent trend

  • Smart cockpit

  • Shared car

  • Internet rental car

  • Safe Driving

  • Fleet management